Sunday, 28 February 2016

Museum Trip - Early Maori Games

Our trip to the museum was extremely informative we learnt about the history around our Te Arawa area, early games, planting, hunting and fighting practices. It was hands on and we were able to experience different activities... Rakau, Poutoti (stilts), poi, putatara (warning shell), purerehua (communication), koauau (musical flute). 


  1. Wow you've visited the Museum! It looks like you did lots of fun things and learned a few things there too. You all go to lots of different places and do lots of things as a class! Keep being an awesome class and have lots of fun on your next trip! From Rory And Ellie, Te Roro 3.

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  3. That looks like such a cool trip to go on.
    I bet you learnt a lot that day and can tell everyone all about the great stuff you learnt!