Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Life Ed with Harold

Our second session focused on bullying which comes in many forms (physical, emotional, cyber) and is not acceptable.
Tahana, Tukotahi and Charnce were happy to act out a bullying scenario.
There are Bystanders who watch and do nothing or...
An Upstander who tries to defuse a situation or go for help.

If you are being bullied tell someone, get help. There are other options like Kidsline and What's Up who you can ring for help and advise.

We talked about how sometimes things happen that we have no control over, or something little gets blown out of proportion. We need to not let things that are out of our control burden us. It's ok to show and share our emotions. We also need to learn how to deal with negative situations (walk away, cool down, look at the upside, talk about it). At RIS we have a wheel of choice to help guide the way we respond.

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