Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Life Education Session 1

We had our first session in the Life Education caravan today, we were excited to catch up with Harold and Bernie. We were surprised to see the caravan has changed in 2 years and is now very digital.

We talked about how everything we chose to do in life is above or below the line and these lines are set or taught to us by our Whanau. One day we will be alone in life we will be alone and have to remember what we were taught to stay above the line.

An important part of life is citizenship which is about belonging (school, teams, friends, groups, cyberspace, Whanau).

Your Identity is central. Think about your reputation which isn't given it is earned. 
Rights are what you deserve. Because we all matter and are unique we deserve...
To help our learning here are 4 tips for a better rest...
1- no screens for 1 hour before bed
2- small light when you go to bed
3- darkness while you sleep
4- 10 and a half hour sleep
If you have a light on your device cover it as it irritates the brain.

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